WC/WCX is a wrap

Thanks, everyone to entering and supporting our GCGRC 2018 WC/WCX. Thank you to the judges – Peg Burlett and Teri Poetker – you set up a fantastic test! Thank you to our bird boys and girls for having great arms, great shots, and great timing, our fabulous club workers helping out and our great photographers! Congratulations to the following passes:


  1. Teagan (Sara Mulherin)
  2. Storm (Marsha Fuzia)


  1. Gina (Charles Snavely)
  2. Emmylou (Carl Holzhauer)
  3. Teagan (Sara Mulherin)
  4. Elvira (Rhonda Holzhauer)

There are some (albeit poor) candids in our Facebook Photo Gallery, but better photos will be coming when Dean and Barb Vincent get their photos processed.