2019 WC/WCX Qualifiers

GCGRC held our 2019 WC/WCX in Wilmington! We congratulate our qualifiers:

WC Qualifiers

2019 Working Certificate qualifiers

2.  Gaylan’s One Girl Revolution JH, TDX, OA, OAJ, OF – Deborah Abbott
5.  Grousemoor Never Say Never BN, RN, CGC, TKN – Patricia Steele-Scott (FCR)
6.  Gaylan’s That’s a Wrap TD, JH – Deborah Abbott

WCX Qualifiers

2019 Working Certificate Excellent Qualifiers

1.  Knightdrmz Believe In Blue TD, JH, WC  – Laurie & Brian Beard

More Photos

Dean and Barb Vincent kindly photographed the water for our event. They have some fantastic photos available to purchase at their site  www.showsite.net. The photos can be purchased directly from the site; however, they will be able to provide the best custom options if you contact them direct via email : Barb@DigitalDean.net.

Additionally, attendee and handler Michelle Barga kindly photographed not only the WC land, but got some great shots the previous day as well. These are available on her Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/460122114594317/