Specialty Information Update!

Memorial Day Weekend Specialty Update!

Bottom Line Up Front:

What’s up?

We’re less than a week out from our specialties and we are really thankful to “be back” after a COVID-forced hiatus! Ohio is opening up, for sure. However COVID has some lingering effects, so this year’s specialties will look differently from the specialties in the past. We wanted to provide this 2021 GCGRC specialty information update to help you plan your weekend!

Show Building & Grooming

Because Butler County Fairgrounds is being used for COVID vaccination distribution, we have to use different buildings this year. We will be using the Junior Fair building, which is a nice, insulated building with large doors we can open to take advantage of the cross-breeze. Our eye clinic will be in this same building and we’ve been told they will use this building for groups.

There is limited (or perhaps no) no grooming in the building, however day crating will be permitted (crates must be removed after showing). There is a large tent outside of this building used for COVID vaccinations which has electricity – it is conveniently located, albeit a bit dark. We will also have the same pavilion we have used in the past which is a little farther away (about 300 feet from the rings). This pavilion is reserved for Goldens and we will host our pot-luck there like in years past, after Best of Breed. 

Event Schedule

Judging Program

As part of our 2021 GCGRC specialty information update, here is the schedule at a glance. Please continue to keep an eye on our Facebook page and our event page for more details!

May 29 8:00 

all-breed supported entry

Cynthia Collins (JUDGE)



May 29 10AM-2PM


Eye Clinic


May 29 12:15 


Bill Pace (judge)



May 29 12:45


Patty Pace (JUDGE)


May 29 4:00 




May 30 8:00 


Donna Ernst (JUDGE)



May 30 10AM-2PM


Eye Clinic


May 30 12:45 

all-breed supported entry

Wanda Spediacci  (JUDGE)



Pot Luck

We’re hosting our annual pot luck again this year! We intend to hold it under the same pavilion as we have held the pot luck in the past. Club members bring a variety of food including hamburgers, hot dots, and brats, along with a variety of homemade goodies! Please join us and relax with good food and great company. We will host approximately 30 minutes after best of breed in the nearby grooming pavilion. Please bring a dish to share with everyone, or we welcome you to pitch a few bucks in as a donation to the club! All are welcomed!

Eye Clinic

We’re continuing our tradition we’ve cultivated for years by hosting an all-breed eye clinic.  Dr. Vanessa J. Kuonen Cavens, DVM, MS, DACVO is providing CERF exams at the Butler County Fairgrounds on May 29-30 10AM-2PM. These all-breed eye clinics will be held during the Cincinnati Kennel Club dog shows (GCGRC Specialties & Supported Entries each day)Cost $35.00 per dog cash or check (checks to be made out to “GCGRC”).  No pre-registrations accepted.  For additional information, please contact: Tamara Woodrow (tbrown2126@aol.com)